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As a health & social care training and consultancy company we work with a variety of organisations to develop their teams, managers, leaders and customers as groups or 1:1.

Our aim is to understand your needs and to deliver the right learning and development support to you. Our unique approach is to ensure that all of our work including care certificate, mandatory training, dementia specialist training, bespoke training and consultancy are founded in person centred values and principles.

Our Dementia Commitment

Dementia is one of the biggest health and social care concerns of our time. At JoCo we are driven by our professional and personal experiences of these diseases to be dementia champions. We strive to promote greater awareness, better care, innovation and community support for people living with dementia and their families, workforce and the local community.

Our Mission

It’s simple: to be person centred in everything we do!

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee is a promise of what our service will always deliver, whether it is in one-day training or on-going development and consultancy services.

  • We will listen
  • We will support you to set & achieve the right goals
  • We will work with you until those goals are achieved
  • We will offer training, coaching and development solutions
  • We will offer value for money


Our dementia training and consultancy work includes supporting non-care organisations to become dementia friendly. We invite you to join this dementia friendly movement and improve the quality of life of millions here.

John Osborne
Managing Director


Contact us to discuss your individual needs and find out how we can help you.

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Organisations we currently work with include:

IMH    NottsCC     East Riding  musicworks (Rob)    DF2    thurrock-council-logo


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