Dementia IS a Women’s Issue

When I read a piece by Philly Hare (JRF 2014) where she wrote, “…when I get old I’ll be more likely than my brother to have dementia…or to care for someone who does”, it certainly struck a chord with me.

Whether you consider yourself an active feminist or not it’s time to recognise that Dementia disproportionately affects women. More women have the condition, more women are family carers for someone with dementia and more women are delivering services as professionals in health and social care.

It is encouraging to see an increase in research investigating this issue and informing the best ways to support women affected by dementia. Whatever the research and statistics tell us I believe the solutions will boil down to women’s solidarity.

This International Women’s Day (Sunday 8th March) I hope we are all inspired to place dementia on our women’s solidarity priority list with the same amount of passion we have had for gender achievement for centuries.

Women need to meet the dementia challenge with a unity of interest, care, compassion and sympathy.

Women need to act with unanimity of attitude, purpose and action to support women as women.

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