Workforce Development

JoCo Team2Our extensive experience, products and services allow us to offer a holistic approach to Consultancy. Acting as a “critical friend”, we work with organisations or individuals to build on strengths and tackle areas requiring improvement. We also offer free tools to support workforce training and workforce development planning.

For Individuals

The multifaceted nature of health and social care makes it challenging for individuals to navigate a pathway to meet their career aspirations; the map is not the territory!

Working with you to audit your skills and abilities and prepare a personalised action plan, we will mentor and support you while you work towards your chosen career goals.

For Individual Employers

We are here to help you identify the skills and development your Personal Assistant(s) need in order to support you to achieve your outcomes and have quality of life. We also ensure that mandatory training and further development courses are made available to you.

Whilst mandatory training is important for your safety, we recognise its limitations in meeting all of your individual care needs. Our services aim to fit your outcomes, values and choices, being mindful of your personal budget.

For Organisations

We will help you meet your compliance requirements whether this is for CQC, commissioners or contractual requirements. Our audit process leads to a mutually agreed action plan which we will support using our suite of training resources together with bespoke training packages. Where necessary we will mentor particular individuals to achieve desired goals set out in your action plan, ensuring that everyone is working in the most effective way.

We can help you to create a comprehensive Workforce Development Plan helping you to plan your operation and avoid reactive management and constant fire-fighting. Our Workforce Planning support will guide you to develop:

  • high standards
  • robust quality monitoring
  • cost savings
  • innovative and effective strategies for recruitment, retention and development

Our consultancy rate is £75 per hour.

We are happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements in strictest confidence.

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