Giving Back

Everyone knows that healthcare and social care without charity would have a negative effect on the quality of life of those who need care and support. At JoCo we have come to understand the profound impact taking corporate and social responsibility has on our own quality of life and team.

We encourage our team to participate in a range of charitable activities each year. To keep up to date with what we are up to and to contribute please follow our social media pages.

DF2Dementia Friends Champions

Both John and Farai are Dementia Friends Champions which means that they volunteer for the Alzheimer’s Society to run free one hour Dementia Friends information sessions.

Dementia Friends sessions help people to learn more about dementia, how they can help to create dementia friendly communities and other small ways they can help. From telling friends about http://www.musicworksnet.co.ukthe Dementia Friends programme to visiting someone they know living with dementia, every action counts. JoCo supports John and Farai to run free sessions for communities, businesses and teams. For more information about our current Dementia Friends target please click here.


JoCo support local charity musicworks with their “Music in Care” work. We have created bespoke training for their toolkits which focus on using music for people with Dementia, at End of Life, with Asperger’s Syndrome or Autism and for those caring for others and support them to run training sessions, raise awareness and provide administration support including social media for the charity.