What to buy for Christmas?

When we are providing training in residential and nursing homes around this time of year, we see people starting to think about arrangements for Christmas. One of the questions we are often asked is “what do you buy for someone living in care?” – there is a limit to the number of toiletries or chocolates that anyone can make use of!

We know that the power of music is one of the most important and lasting impacts on someone. Particularly for people with dementia it may be difficult to read a book, to follow the plot of a film or remember what’s happening in a TV series. But the gift of music can be truly life enhancing, especially when it is personalized to the individual and contains those specific pieces of music that are most significant. We know that music can calm and soothe, can aid relaxation and sleep, can invigorate and motivate, and can help re-connect people with memories of the past.

Our “Soundtrack to My Life” book helps people to identify the pieces of music that can be used to improve the quality of life through music. It can be a great activity for families to take part in together, remembering the most important songs and the events and times they represent.

Once the selection is complete the songs can be compiled onto a CD, MP3 player of tablet that the person can have with them and use at their leisure. A perfect and lasting gift.

Our “Soundtrack to My Life” books are available from the JoCo shop or by following this hyperlink.