Life Story Toolkit

At JoCo we believe that you cannot provide person-centred care without getting to know that person first. Life Story Work is a valuable way of getting to know the person you are caring for and planning the most appropriate care with them. A Life Story can also be a wonderful way to record memories and keepsakes for the individual to share with their friends, family or care professionals.

We have designed a Life Story Toolkit that gives you useful documents to mix and match to create unique, individual and personal life stories with individuals.

JoCo’s Life Story Toolkit contains a starter document to enable you to gather and explore personal information such as a family tree, likes, dislikes, preferences and values. You can then add further sections from our range of expansion documents.  Choose the subjects that are important and relevant to the individual from the following menu available:

  • Animals and Pet MemoriesLife Story Doc
  • Art and Design Memories
  • Books, Stories and Poetry Memories
  • Clothing and Fashion Memories
  • Cooking and Food Memories
  • Events Memories
  • Family Memories
  • Gardening Memories
  • Hair and Beauty Memories
  • Hobbies and Pastime Memories
  • Holidays and Travel Memories
  • Jobs and Career Memories
  • Movies, Radio and Television Memories
  • School and Training Memories
  • Spirituality and Career Memories
  • Sports and Games Memories
  • Theatre Memories

We are constantly adding more – if you have a suggestion for an addition to this list, please contact us.

Organisations can purchase electronic copies of the ALL the Life Story Documents listed for just £250. They can then be printed and used as many times as you like within your organisation.

JoCo also have a Life Story Masterclass showcasing the toolkit.

Contact us for more information and to discuss your individual needs.

 (All prices are exclusive of VAT)