Life Story Work

book pileOur Life Story Work Training is for health and social care professionals, volunteers and family carers to equip them with a vital tool for planning and providing the right care and support for individuals. At JoCo we believe that you cannot provide person-centred care without getting to know the person first. Life Story Work is a valuable way of developing an individual biography and exploring their past life events and experiences.

One of the major challenges of Life Story Work is knowing where to begin and so part of the masterclass gives learners the opportunity to view and use our Life Story Toolkit. The toolkit is designed to provide an easy-to-use, practical template to gather, record and store important memories, keepsakes and information. Learners will develop the skills and confidence to deliver truly person centred care based on the life stories of individuals.

The training is a half-day workshop and costs £40 per person or £375 for a group of up to 10 learners.  

Current Training Dates Available

16th November 2016 – Nottinghamshire BOOK HERE

We are open to negotiations to meet individual client training needs. Bespoke training can be designed to meet any needs. We understand that workforce development needs and budgets are individual and we wish to ensure the most cost effective solutions.

Contact Us for more information and to discuss your individual needs.