Person Centred Administration of Medication

There are many care settings in which the safe handling and administration of medication is a key part of care and support. Anyone involved in healthcare and social care (paid or unpaid) has a responsibility to ensure that there is not only safe handling of medication but also that support is person centred.

Our training is available to care and support workers, nurses and unpaid carers.

It is important to have up to date training on safe techniques with an annual refresher. Our training is mapped to Standard 13.5 – Understand medication and healthcare techniques.

medicationCourse Outline


  • To give detailed guidance on the safe management of medicines
  • To raise awareness of legislation that relates to the management of medicines
  • To meet relevant regulatory standards


  • To understand their role and responsibilities in the safe management of medicines
  • To understand the importance of administering medicines to the right person, with the right medicines, in the right dose, at the right time and by the right route
  • To offer medication support in a way that observes person centred principles; upholding their rights to respect, consent, choice, privacy, dignity and confidentiality
  • To be able to practice in compliance with relevant regulations

Our training includes a 3-step assessment process to help our learners gain competence in this important area.

  • Assessment 1 – practical tasks handling medicines and equipment
  • Assessment 2 – multiple choice test paper
  • Assessment 3 – onsite observation of practice. One of our trainers can be booked to visit learners at work or your own competent work supervisor can request our Staff Medication Administration Competency Assessment (pdf). To book please complete the enquiry form below.

Full day taught courses are £45 per person or £495 for a group of  12 learners


We are open to negotiations to meet individual client training needs including training for larger groups. We understand that budgets and time can constrain workforce development and we wish to ensure the most effective solutions including bespoke training.

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