Meet the Team

John Osborne – Managing Director

As someone who has spent over 40 years as a provider of health and social care in both the public and private sectors, including creating and running my own domiciliary care business, and caring for my own father, I believe passionately that high quality care is a right and not a privilege. Unfortunately, this is not always the case in reality.

In creating JoCo I wanted to create an environment where learners understand what they are doing, why they are doing it and receive the most appropriate evidence based learning and development resources to support them in the delivery of good, if not outstanding, care. This is key to ensuring that employers see the impact and value of investing in training. We must use our intelligence, creativity and innovation to constantly strive for new and better ways to deliver learning that develops high quality person centred care.

John also write books on the subject of “Music in Care” and promotes the use of personalised music as a psychosocial intervention in a range of settings. 

Farai Pfende – Head of Learning & Development

Farai is a registered nurse with over 20 years of health care and social care experience working in the NHS, Nursing homes and domiciliary care. Having worked in both service delivery and management, she developed a passion for workforce development, leading her to gain qualifications in further education and dementia. She now designs innovative training and coaching programmes to meet a wide variety of care team needs, from induction, specialist dementia care and management. Strongly believing that quality care stems from having a skilled and knowledgeable workforce, Farai enthuses people to be responsible for their own learning whilst supporting them to reach their career goals whilst raising the status of their profession.

James Chaplain – Graduate Intern

James graduated from the University of Sheffield with a first-class MA in Historical Research. At university he was active in fundraising for local charities and engaged in student politics. He was also involved with student theatre, and in 2017 performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

An enthusiastic guitarist since the age of 8, he is passionate about music and eager to deepen his understanding of its transformative power. He is keen to use his research skills, love for learning and passion for music and performance arts in a practical setting, making a real difference to the lives of others.

Associate Trainers

JoCo was started because of our firm belief that care quality can always be improved with the right training, coaching, mentoring, support and assessment of teams, managers, leaders and customers.

Our team is from a variety of backgrounds. All of our associate trainers and consultants bring a range of healthcare and social care expertise and experience that enable us to deliver excellent services nationwide.

Luke Fiddes

Luke has been involved in education for over 6 years and has worked across a wide range of schools with a keen interest in bringing music to all children. During this period Luke, being on the autistic spectrum, has used music to enrich his life, giving him direction to write and compose his own music as a singer/songwriter as well as providing for pantomimes and church services. He also now teaches guitar, piano and drums to children and adults alike whilst finding time to perform in numerous care homes across Nottinghamshire. Luke is keen to share his journey in music and inspire people living with autism through his experiences. he also gives presentations, workshops and book readings.

Julie Barnes    

Julie Barnes works independently as a counsellor, coach, supervisor and organisational facilitator, using person centred principles and appreciative inquiry. Graduating in social sciences, she has worked in social care research, inspection and policy development for local and national government. Working freelance for sixteen years, she now works with individuals and groups, offering experiential, creative and confidential opportunities for people to explore their own personal and professional questions. Committed to working appreciatively, she uses strengths based and creative approaches to help people recognise their strengths, empower themselves and unlock their potential. Working locally from the Bay Therapy Centre in Lady Bay, she is also an associate of the Oasis School of Human Relations and NTL.

Recognising the pressures that fall on frontline and management staff in the health and social care sector, Julie is using her skills to support workers at all levels to gain confidence, motivation, clarity and wellbeing in order to be more effective in their role.

Dauglas Ngwiringwiri

Dauglas has a strong health and social care background working in a variety of roles in England and Scotland. As someone who has run his own training business he has developed expertise in delivering mandatory and statutory training with a specialist interest in safe manual handling. Dauglas is also a qualified interpersonal mediator and works in mediation in the voluntary sector.

Dauglas delivers training with a strong emphasis on person centred values. He is also able to offer consultancy support and practical solutions on a range of manual handling challenges in your care setting.

Wayne Saunders

Wayne is a highly experienced trainer whose interest in learning and development arose from his experience in retail and catering businesses. He is passionate about the subjects he teaches and wants others to share his enthusiasm for learning to help them reach their full potential.

Clare Wilcox

Clare has over twenty years experience in the care industry, working with learning disabilities and older people. She is passionate about high quality training and has been involved in a wide variety of training courses within both the NHS and the private sector for the last eight years.

“I love being part of the light-bulb moment when a trainee understands a topic. Learning never stops and to be part of someone’s journey is an honour”, she says. “I like training to be relaxed and fun, with a discussion style, to ensure inclusivity to all – whatever the trainees experience level. There are no such things as stupid questions in my training”.