A New Look for our Music in Care Suite!

Since our formation the JoCo Team has been developing resources and delivering training in the use of music as part of a person-centred approach to care. We have had phenomenal feedback from care provider organisations, registered managers, staff, family and individuals themselves.  As more teams across England embrace the use of music as part of their therapeutic and psychosocial offering we have worked very hard to update our resources to improve user experience. Our ‘Music in Care’ books authored by Managing Director, John Osborne, mentioned below are now published and available online.

A Great Resource for People Living with Dementia

Soundtrack to My Life Book‘Soundtrack to My Life’ is a book designed to help people living with dementia to draw together pieces of music that are significant them. It is unique in that it is not just a list of ‘favourite tunes’ but allows you to record the accompanying life stories. It enables you to be reconnected with music memories so that you can use them in a therapeutic way. It is for everyone who is passionate about improving quality of life through personalised playlists and music based activities.

The ‘Soundtrack to My Life’ book has been redesigned and published to ensure that it is easily accessible to everyone who wishes to use it worldwide, in a pocket-sized book with wonderful graphics and activities that capture the imagination and enhance its fun and interactivity.

This is an ideal resource for people living at home, care homes, day centres, dementia cafes, singing groups and more.

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New Resource for People Undergoing Medical Treatment

Music is Medicine‘Music is Medicine’ is the latest book resource. It is designed for people undergoing medical treatment. John Osborne was inspired to write this resource having been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer earlier in the year.  John realised that specially chosen pieces of music had a major role in supporting him whilst he underwent complex medical procedures.  Thankfully John’s treatment was successful, and now he is supporting a variety of cancer patient groups to access the therapeutic benefits of personalised music through ‘Music is Medicine’.

Using the ‘Music is Medicine’ book during appointments, waiting times, treatments or hospital stays can provide a much needed distraction from the medical necessities you are undergoing. The book, together with the music playlists you can make, can help you to remain positive and assist recovery.

Available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY at a reduced price of £7.50! Click here!


More Books on the Way!

mmo-covermsim-covermjim-coverWe are pleased that the remaining ‘Music in Care’ books, ‘My Music Oasis’ – for Family Carers and ‘My Story in Music’ – for people with life-limiting conditions and at end of life are also undergoing a redesign and will be available online soon.

Coming Soon! ‘My Journey in Music’ for young people including those with Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism.


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