PRESS RELEASE – New Book ‘Music is Medicine’ Released to Help People Going Through Medical Treatment

Music is MedicineJohn Osborne, Managing Director at JoCo Learning & Development in West Bridgford, Nottingham has published a book, ‘Music is Medicine’ to help people who are undergoing medical treatment through music.

John has been developing resources and training in the use of music in healthcare and social care for several years. Having been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, John realised that specially chosen pieces of music can also have a positive effect on people who are going through complex medical procedures.

John said, “As a musician I have music with me all the time and I took music with me to appointments and to hospital treatment, playing those tracks that are the ‘Soundtrack to My Life’ to help with the anxiety and deal with the boredom of waiting around. Music has the power to transport us to another place, calm and soothe us. It allowed me feel connected to people who inhabit the various tracks I had chosen.”

Music is MedicineJohn decided to use his experience to develop ‘Music is Medicine’, a book that is practical, fun and interactive. It helps people to choose music that will support them through diagnosis, treatment, healing and recovery. The beauty of this book is that it focusses the mind on finding music that is personally and uniquely therapeutic to the patient through themes like ‘Calm Reflection’, ‘Staying Positive’, ‘Spirituality’ and more. The book which is conveniently pocket size also has space to record thoughts, hopes and fears along with fun and creative activities. It is an ideal gift for anyone going through medical treatment.

Thankfully John’s treatment was successful, and he is now supporting a variety of cancer patient groups to access the therapeutic benefits of personalised music through ‘Music is Medicine’.

John has also redesigned and published his award winning ‘Soundtrack to My Life’ a ‘Music in Care’ book for people with memory loss conditions including dementia.

Both books are now available to purchase online from www.joco.gb.net/shop at a discounted rate of £7.50 until Christmas or from other online retailers for £8.99.

For more information about ‘Music in Care’ or JoCo Learning & Development, please visit their website www.joco.gb.net, call 0115 9145879 or email mailto:info@joco.gb.net


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