Music is Medicine

‘Music is Medicine’ is part of the ‘Music in Care’ book series by John Osborne. It is written for people undergoing medical treatment for cancer and other serious conditions.

The original ‘Music in Care’ book, ‘Soundtrack to My Life’, arose out of John’s professional care experience and personal experience as a carer for his father. As a musician he understood the power of music to enrich the quality of life.

Having been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer John realised that specially chosen music has a major role in supporting people going through complex medical procedures.

This practical, fun and interactive book is designed to help people to draw together pieces of music that are most significant to them to use therapeutically as part of their treatment journey.

A brief workshop/presentation is available to, all levels of staff working with patients and for patients themselves.

  • Introduction to “Music is Medicine”

To arrange a workshop/presentation please contact us or alternatively buy a copy of this little book for yourself or others directly from our shop today. 


The charity musicworks kindly sponsors and supports many of the ‘Music in Care’ programmes and activities. If you wish to find out more about musicworks and to support the charity please visit their website here