My Story in Music

‘My Story in Music’ is part of the ‘Music in Care’ book series by John Osborne. It is written for people living with life-limiting conditions or at end of life and their families.

Music interventions have been identified as a growing area of integrated medicine services to promote quality of life and reduce suffering. Substantial literature has shown that music in general can be therapeutic for patients during illness and end-of-life care.

Specifically, music has been found to reduce emotional and physiological pain, induce relaxation, provide spiritual support, decrease distress and promote feelings of belonging, closeness, and acceptance as well as providing an emotional outlet. These benefits of using music in a therapeutic way have been experienced by both patients and their family carers.

The book enables you to draw together pieces of music that are significant to you and why. It also allows you to select pieces of music that can be left as a legacy to loved ones.

We are proud to be working with LOROS Hospice Leicester to evaluate the use of personalised music in end of life care using ‘My Story in Music’


Two brief workshop/presentations are available to, all levels of staff working with patients and for patients themselves.

  • Introduction to “My Story in Music”
  • Practical Ways of Giving Spiritual Care Incorporating “My Story in Music”

To arrange a workshop/presentation please contact us.