Narrow Focus on Standards Endangers the Care Certificate

As the official April launch of the Care Certificate draws near, at JoCo we are feeling prepared to deliver quality training mapped to the 15 care certificate standards.

By this we mean we have designed and updated our induction courses to reflect the 15 standards and mapped the content in our workbooks. This means that any care workers completing our training will have clear evidence on having been trained but also of understanding their role and responsibilities. All included are workbooks, CPD journal materials.

We have taken care to ensure that learning is not narrowly focussed on the standards because quality care is about SO much more! A few examples of what our training covers:

These examples really could go on…

On the face of it, guidance and toolkits might appear to suggest that a line manager’s chat/professional discussion with an employees can be sufficient to determine competence.

Do not be fooled!

It simply won’t be enough to determine competence in those first 12 weeks of employment. Lord Willis who chaired the “Shape of Caring Review” said in the Nursing Times recently, “I envisage every care worker in the future having their own ‘app’ onto which goes all their competencies which will be signed off by a person with a badge and a number”.I think before we even get to there, (let’s tackle the reality of technology in social care another day – hey?) let’s just make sure there is robust framework and training providers to support managers and ‘badged professionals’ to build a confident, skilled and empowered workforce. It is the only way to safeguard our future workforce.

We are welcoming ideas, thoughts and comments on how you plan to deliver the Care Certificate and are on hand to give advice and support. Post your questions on Twitter, Facebook or email us on for support and info.