Positive News in Health and Social care

There is a general lack of positive publicity for care homes. Care homes are also pretty poor at proactively promoting themselves and being positive about their achievements. This might be part of our British self-deprecating, stoic charm but its having an impact on the workforce.

The negativity has an impact on how staff and managers feel about their jobs. Care is not viewed as a vocation in the same way as nursing. Findings reported in the Burstow report “A vision for care fit for the twenty-first century…” revealed that some experts consulted during the Commission felt there was a degree of ‘shame’ attached to the role of care workers.

There are some wonderful exponents doing amazing work to showcase the talent and good quality, innovative care being delivered everyday. Caretalk, NHS Change Day, School for Health Care Radicals, Dementia UK, Tommy on Tour to name a few.

There is room for all of us to do so much more to share good news!

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