My Journey in Music


Author: John Osborne and Luke Fiddes

Price: £8.99

My Journey in Music is a ‘Music in Care’ book for younger people, including those with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. Luke Fiddes has Asperger’s Syndrome himself and has used his condition to its fullest through becoming an accomplished musician who plays in numerous care settings, writes and performs his own compositions whilst also providing tuition. Luke has taught himself to play 8 instruments (so far!).  He uses music to help to shape his day and to bring him “calm and control” when things start to slip. In his former role as a teaching assistant Luke used music to help illustrate and enrich children’s experiences of learning. In his book he shares his journey in music with the aim of showing young people and all those connected how they can use personalised music to help navigate the challenges of growing up.

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