Assoc. Professor Rob Jones, Dr Tony Kelly and Dr Elaine Argyle, of the University of Nottingham’s Centre for Dementia

“Assoc. Professor Rob Jones, Dr Tony Kelly and Dr Elaine Argyle, of the University of Nottingham’s Centre for Dementia, based at the Institute of Mental Health, have been pleased to work with JoCo to help them to evaluate the Soundtrack to My Life tool as part of our research into caring for people with dementia at home.

Person centred approaches are regarded as integral to providing good services, and the Soundtrack tool makes a promising contribution to building a truly personalised plan of care. We look forward to the opportunity to further collaborate with JoCo in our joint quest to help people to live well with dementia at home.”


Kate Fisher – Project Officer for Dementia, Nottingham City Council

“The department commissioned JoCo to provide training around the implementation of Soundtrack in 2013 to the home care service for it to continue to build on its person centred values. JoCo have continually surpassed my expectations as they have taken time to know us as service providers, the way our organisation works and how they have continually adapted their service delivery to meet our needs. They have been delightful to work with and I’m so glad that we have the opportunity to do so again within other settings. Their feedback has been so helpful in enabling us to shape our service delivery. They have been willing to meet with families and friends to explain what Soundtrack is and what it can do for people. Farai and John both have a wealth of experience and that comes through in every exchange and in such positive ways. Kate is always so patient and helpful from an administrative role. A brilliant organisation – can’t recommend them highly enough.”


Linda O’Sullivan – Social Care Professional and ‘Music in Care’ Trainee

“Having just completed a three day ‘The Soundtrack to My Life’ training event led by JoCo Learning & Development I would encourage anyone who is working with someone with dementia to consider this innovative and inspirational training programme. This is an outstanding course and offers a unique and powerful approach to identifying ways to connect with a person as well as explore opportunities to enhance care giving and the care receiving experience.

I would also suggest that this programme does not just assist professionals, as a carer of a person who lived with dementia I wish I had access to this concept when my beloved grandaunt was alive and in a care home.

I cannot recommend this training enough and I encourage people to really commit to using this approach as part of their everyday practice. Music has no boundaries and we all have an opinion and different tastes in music. Dementia has no prejudices it can affect any one of us. Music and dementia can offer a special way to create magical moments.”