Thinking S.P.A.C.E

julie barnes

Stimulating Professional And Personal Exploration

Whatever way you look at it your job is hard. There are many daily pressures and responsibilities which can make you feel anything from stressed, anxious, overwhelmed to passionate, motivated and decisive. That’s probably day in the life of health and social care leadership, right?

Some of us may have a line manager who conducts regular supervision and appraisal – however that can often feel like a process that involves monitoring, reviewing your work and delegating more work!

Thinking SPACE’ is different. It’s an opportunity to explore your professional work and personal development with an experienced thought partner and supervisor. With this service you can take time out to explore your work and professional practice from different perspectives. Sessions are facilitated with an independent and qualified counsellor, coach, supervisor, organisational facilitator, using person centred principles and appreciative inquiry in a supportive environment.

Meeting regularly, you will build a strong working alliance of trust and safety in which to explore your personal and professional practice or business. A space to reflect on what works well for you and those around you, and what needs work.

“…When am I at my best?”

“…And worst?” “

…What is most effective for my clients, team and service?”

Facing tough decisions and exploring what sustains you in hard times. Working from your strengths to create and step down new paths and directions. From strategic business planning; to use of self as a practitioner; and living and working as a whole person, EVERYTHING is welcome in our learning environment, free from judgement and advice. A place for you to inquire into and figure out your own questions and solutions – with the support you choose.

If you feel this support would help you to be a more effective leader, please get in touch. All your information will be treated with utmost confidence.

julie barnesYou will have an initial conversation with our coach/counsellor Julie and then arrange sessions to suit your needs.

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