Dementia Care Training & Consultancy

JoCo use a variety of evidence based approaches to support teams to become outstanding in their dementia practice.”

 “Teams develop outstanding person centred practice using music and creative arts as a core part of dementia care and support.”

 “This support is for teams who are ambitious about maintaining or becoming outstanding – going the extra miles”

We are passionate about developing outstanding dementia care teams, who have the knowledge, skills and competence to deliver compassionate person centred and holistic care.

We also believe that local communities and organisations can work towards becoming dementia friendly, in order to support people living with dementia and their carers – who may in fact be their employees.

Therefore, we have developed evidence based, dementia care learning and development programme that transforms care teams, their leaders, communities and organisations.

Dementia Awareness

Dementia Awareness is a 1-day training course which has been designed to give underpinning dementia knowledge and refresh staff at all levels to enable positive support to people living with dementia and their families. It aims to develop confidence, understanding and positive attitudes. To ensure that we deliver the best training we have made sure that our training is mapped to the =link=[new!] Dementia Training Standards Framework level 1, 2 and part of level 3.   

Half Day taught courses are £35 per person or £375.00 for a group of 12 learners.

Full day taught courses are £45 per person or £495.00 for a group of 12 learners.

This course is also available as distance learning. Visit our online shop to purchase your distance learning training today!

Focussed Intervention in Training and Support (FITS) [new!]

We all know that outstanding dementia care requires a commitment to continuous training and development of a team’s person centred culture and approach to every single individual and their family.  This is an exciting and empowering course for frontline staff which will equip them not lonely with knowledge and practical skills but develop them into Dementia Care Coaches: dementia champions who evaluate practice, role-model, teach and coach others in their day-to-day practice.


FITS is a proven way of effectively supporting staff in health and care settings to deliver psycho-social care in person centred ways.  It is an exciting programme that will benefit frontline staff and the individuals they support. Training is facilitated by a Dementia Practice Development Coach (DPDC) trained at the University of Worcester who run the only module worldwide to train professionals to deliver the FITS (Focused Intervention Training and Support) programme. It has a strong evidence base demonstrating that effective person-centred care can reduce the prescribing of anti-psychotic medications for people living with dementia.

To understand the background to FITS into Practice and the module, please watch:  film of University of Worcester Research Seminar on 12 December 2018 “from abstract research to frontline practice”

Meaningful MUSIC & ARTS Engagement in Dementia Care [new!]

Working with care home teams we realised that there is a need to improve Music and Arts engagement in care home settings. There are barriers to arts engagement in care settings such as the advanced nature of individual’s dementia, lack of arts skills, lack of exposure to community arts and lack of funding. We decided to design an arts based programme for frontline care staff to overcome some of the barriers identified and create Activity Leaders who act as music and arts engagement champions or activity leaders. It is also one of our organisation’s goals to promote opportunities for musicians and artists in the health and social care space.


JoCo Learning and Development is a member of the Dementia, Arts and Wellbeing Network (DAWN) and chairs the Music in Dementia Network

Also visit our Music in Care page to see other opportunities available for innovative and creative practice in dementia care.