Dementia Care Training & Consultancy

Dementia Awareness

“JoCo use a variety of evidence based approaches that incorporate becoming person centred, relationship centred and the use of music and creative arts as a core part of dementia care and support.”

“This support is for teams who are ambitious about maintaining or becoming outstanding – going the extra miles”

At JoCo we are passionate about improving the quality of life of people living with dementia and their families. We believe that a skilled workforce needs not only a good understanding of dementia as a condition, but how it impacts on the individual, their family and others.

Our dementia training and consultancy programmes are unique because they focus on enabling participants to think holistically and therefore provide the most compassionate and skilled care possible.

Dementia Training includes:

  • Dementia Awareness (full day or half day)
  • Person Centred Approach (full day or half day)
  • Developing Person Centred Teams (full day or half day)
  • Understanding and Meeting Fluid and Nutritional Needs in Dementia (half day)
  • Music at Mealtimes – improving dementia mealtime environments (2 half day sessions)
  • Soundtrack to My Life – using personalised music in dementia care (3 half day sessions)

Half Day taught courses are £35 per person or £375.00 for a group of 12 learners.
Full day taught courses are £45 per person or £495.00 for a group of 12 learners.

Contact us about our prices for all sessions.

We are open to negotiations to meet individual client training needs. We understand that budgets and time can constrain workforce development and we wish to ensure the most effective solutions including bespoke training.

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We take the time to consult with you regarding your training and development needs to ensure that we can address all aspects of care appropriately. 

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