Food Safety

Food safetyMost people involved in healthcare and social care (paid or unpaid) will be involved in food preparation. Our training is suitable for catering and care teams. By improving your knowledge, skill and competence in food safety you will be able to meet your safety and regulatory responsibilities.

It is important to have up to date training on food safety with an annual refresher. Our training is mapped to Care Certificate Standard 8.1a

Course Outline


  • To be aware of food safety regulations
  • To be aware of causes and common signs and symptoms of food poisoning
  • To be aware of causes and common signs and symptoms Food allergies
  • To understand the importance of good personal and environmental hygiene
  • To understand how to control harmful bacteria which can cause serious illness
  • To understand safe food handling, storage and preparation


By the end of this programme, you will be able to:

  • Describe legal requirements related to food hygiene
  • Recognise food poisoning signs and symptoms
  • Be aware of food allergy risk
  • Prevent food-borne illness
  • Understand the importance of safe food handling, preparation and storage
  • Reflect on your own organisation’s policies and procedures


Half day courses are £40 per person or £375 for a group of 12 learners (maximum)


We are open to negotiations to meet individual client training needs including training for larger groups. We understand that budgets and time can constrain workforce development and we wish to ensure the most effective solutions including bespoke training.

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