Music at Mealtimes

Music at Mealtimes

Music at Mealtimes is a bespoke training course designed for catering and health and social care staff in a variety of care settings. It offers an innovative approach to encouraging and supporting better nutrition and hydration particularly dementia care.


  • To raise understanding of sensory impact of dementia on eating and drinking
  • To explore the individual and environmental factors that affect eating and drinking
To promote the benefits of music at Mealtimes
 To introduce practical audit and evaluation tools and skills for improving mealtime experiences
  • To develop evidence based practice for Mealtimes in care settings

Research has shown that not only the physical but the sound environment at mealtimes can influence how we taste and experience food. Research also shows that playing music at mealtimes, particularly for people with dementia, is one measure which could improve:

  • food and fluid intake
  • relaxation
  • mealtime behaviour
  • reduce the risk & incidence of malnutrition

This is a fun and interactive programme, introducing changes such as music to create a more pleasant eating environment, alongside a wider range of ideas.

The course incorporates nationally recognised values, standards and principles to support all workers to gain occupational competence in their role.

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