My Journey in Music

We have been working with an amazing young man, Luke Fiddes, who lives with Asperger’s Syndrome on the latest book in the ‘Music in Care’ book series ‘My Journey in Music’.

Despite the daily challenges that Luke faces as the consequence of this condition he regards Asperger’s Syndrome as a great asset and something that has made him a better person.

Luke is an accomplished musician who sings and has taught himself to play 8 instruments (so far!). He uses music to help to shape his day and to bring him “calm and control” when things start to slip. In his role as a classroom assistant he uses music to illustrate and enrich the learning process.

Working together we have created ‘My Journey in Music’ for younger people, including those who have Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. As well as sharing, some of his life story the little book aims to show young people how they can use personalised music to help navigate the challenges of adolescence.

Are you a teacher, SENCo, youth worker or parent interested in understanding and benefitting from using music with children and young people as part of learning and development, social time or home life? A brief workshop/presentation is available

  • Introduction to “My Journey in Music”

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‘My Journey in Music’ book and resources for the classroom/group coming soon…

Book review

“This book tells the story of Luke Fiddes a remarkable young man and talented musician. It explains how Luke became aware of his different and special status and how he learnt to manage this. It also contains a self-help manual for all young people which is designed to help deal with the struggles of adolescence using personalised music. This heart-warming, funny and frank account of Luke’s journey gives a remarkable insight into some of the challenges but also the surprising benefits of living with Asperger’s Syndrome”.

John Osborne – Music in Care series author

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